It’s a Dolls Life

It’s a Dolls Life

My name is Chatty Kathy, although I prefer to be known as Muggsie. I’m a private eye. My sidekick is Molly. We like to be known as the M&M’s as in the M & M Private Eye Agency. I met Molly when she was a baby. Her parents brought her over to my place. I have been keeping an eye on her for years. Finally she was old and sneaky enough to open the doll cabinet and lift me out.

Once out of the cabinet Molly stripped off my clothes. They were pretty lame anyway. I’ve been wearing that stupid blue dress with the white bolero for years. Molly had a little bag with her and she pulled out a pair of tights in black and pink and a pink top to go with it. What a relief to wear something new.

Query Letter

We’ve all heard how important it is to write a query letter. This is the query letter I’d like to write for that twenty year old intern.

Dear Intern,

I am old. I am grey. But I know kids. I am a parent, grandparent and educator. I know what kids like to listen to and to read. Please take a chance and read my story WADDLE, WADDLE, RUMBLE, ROAR. Yes parts of it are gross. But kids really do pick gum up off the sidewalk and eat it. Yes kids really do drink out of the birdbath. Yes someone invariably has to go to the potty as soon as we’re all dressed and out the door.

Half of the reading experience is the parent who 1. buys the book 2. reads it over and over 3. shares the book with friends as something they might enjoy as much as the child. I think my story WADDLE, WADDLE, RUMBLE, ROAR is that sort of book. No it doesn’t have a story arc. It’s a family walk. The walk itself is the purpose. Not having children you probably don’t realize these things.

My writing accolades are sparse. I have published one memoir in a magazine and had a poem in print. Other poems have been published in an on line ezine. But until someone takes a chance on my stories this will remain a sorry area. I’m hoping you are that person.

Sincerely Yours

Katherine Adlam

Writing Life

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading. As soon as I could print I began writing and illustrating my own stories- first for the entertainment of my younger siblings and then for the enjoyment of the many children I babysat. As a university student I wrote poetry to survive the stresses of growing up. Later as a mother I told stories to my children who’d often clamour for the one I told the previous night. Not one for detailed journalling I did manage to keep notebooks of ideas for writing or scraps of paper with a poem on it over the next busy years as a mother and full time educator. Now with time during a long New Brunswick winter, and while my husband teaches at Mt. Allison University I have found my way back to writing. I started by taking courses from the Institute of Children’s Literature. I liked these because they were not time sensitive and I worked intensively with one instructor at a time. Later I took an advanced poetry course from Writer’s Digest. I began to enter regional contests and have won three Honorable Mentions for poetry. Joining a writer’s critique group has further spurred me on to writing. Now I carve out time each day to write and to query or send submissions.